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  1. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
    Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
    is taken by a Fel Mood.
  2. Arthgon
    Feel like Zog at this moment here.
    1. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      Is that the Orky one?
      Mar 17, 2017
    2. Arthgon
      Actually it is from the Ultima games. Zog was once a wizard (who lived in ancient Sosaria) who used the Armageddon spell from the Xorinite Wisp out of curiosity. It caused to wipe out the whole world except for him. Leaving him all alone.

      When I posted the status I was still the only one who was here on HoL. at that time.
      Mar 27, 2017 at 11:47 AM
  3. papa_dog_1999
    *points at 'csgomarketplace' and screeches à la Donald Sutherland in 'Body Snatchers'*
  4. HeWhoLoves
    Does using a proxy prevent you from replying to posts?
  5. on1ondevelopment
    Upcoming next: Harm-spamming! Spam the hell outta Harm! Yes, kill everything with Harm! Buy Harm today and receive a free Fatigue Restore!
    1. papa_dog_1999 likes this.
    2. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      I bought Harm, but I hated it. Now I use Bullet Hell for all my spam needs.
      Boycott Harm!
      Apr 3, 2016
    3. on1ondevelopment
      You dare, sir? *Assigns Harm to a hotbar slot*
      Apr 26, 2016
    4. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      I dare. *uses the Energizer, Mind Marvel, Revitalizer, and Haste potion that were already on the hotbar, loads Tesla Gun*
      Apr 26, 2016
  6. Zanza
    Zanza like tea!
  7. papa_dog_1999
    Four score and seven operating systems ago, there was the typewriter which brought forth on this world a new coding language...
  8. ytzk
    Very Lords! Wow!!
  9. wobbler
    such community, much pöosting
  10. Jwrac
    Are you blind! What in god's!... -I mean, better luck next time!
  11. Jungle Japes
    Jungle Japes
    I can't see a thing in this helmet!
  12. koupip
    The reason most people never achieve their dreams is because they simply give up. Life was never meant to be easy!
  13. The Pixelated Gentleman
    The Pixelated Gentleman
    Strolling through Tarant
  14. ytzk
    Apparently this is a thing now.
  15. on1ondevelopment
  16. Shadowraven
    Waving goodbye to sanity.........
  17. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
    Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
    all i want for Christmas this year is WIP 7.0...
  18. Mr.Mole
    Getting back to my mod
  19. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
    1. on1ondevelopment
      I had the Arcanum chickens in mind primarily, but why not?
      Aug 27, 2015
    2. Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      Dr. Ferb Wallace Mythril
      because the only one that can take Daffy is Bugs
      Sep 4, 2015
  20. Don Santiago de Quixos
    Don Santiago de Quixos rroyo
    What do you recommend as install order:
    Vanilla/Official patch/Unofficial Arcanum Patch. (This is UAP091225)
    Level Cap Remover
    High Resolution Patch 1.1a
    HQ Maps/HQ Music
    *FilthyJack’s Mod: Followers Auto-Level Mod - Arcanum Community Mods
    Drog’s FollowerEditor
    My question is regarding * Where in the install order does it go?
    1. papa_dog_1999
      Oct 2, 2015
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