A Contest of Strength and Skill at Coven Gardens

Reigning champion of the pugilistic arts, the mighty half-orc Branton Figge, tonight defends his title in a bout with "BullyBoy", the half-ogre challenger sponsored by Mr. N.D. Brighton. Mr. Figge, a native of Tarant's own White Temple district, has been the victor in over 50 bouts, and has successfully defended his title on no fewer than sixteen occasions from challengers of all races and lands. Mr. Brighton's "BullyBoy" has never been knocked to the canvas by any pugilist of ordinary size, and is the victor of 20 bouts in the ring. A more heart-quickening spectacle cannot be imagined than these two half-men squaring off for the Heavyweight Championship of All Arcanum! Especially as Mr.Brighton has offered a purse of 100 gold, should Mr. Figge win the match. Can our Figge defeat a gnomish gentleman's personal bodyguard by the Tarant Prize Ring Rules - an opponent who outweighs him by nearly 700 stone? Only the stout of heart will know the answer to-night! Ticket office will open at 6:30 pm, with the Show to begin at 8:00.