Letter to the Editor


Gentlefolk, you propose a GREAT EXHIBITION of Industry: and yet Hyde-park is in the complete, undisturbed, undisputed possession of the young blackguards of Tarant. On Sundays especially these vagabonds amuse themselves with stoning and hustling the passengers, and have their will of them in any way most diverting to them, at their own discretion. Not a park keeper or police officer is to be seen during the Saturnalia. In fact they seem to keep out of the way systematically, in order that practice may make perfect, so that at the opening of the Exhibition we may show foreigners the immense superiority of the Tarantian blackguard over the blackguards of every other nation of the world. What a beautiful specimen we are of the liberty for the low-born, the low-brow, and the lawless! I am certain all our visitors will be much impressed.