umans are the root stock of all the Median races, and one of the oldest peoples of Arcanum. We are the children of pure Natural Selection; fossil evidence clearly indicates that our forebears and the early dwarves diverged from one another some two million years ago, and since that time the two bloodlines have evolved along parallel courses. Just as the dwarves are the progenitors of all the Minute races, humans are the living root of all other thinking beings in Arcanum, including such ancient offshoots as the elves and giants, and the modern sub-species we know as orcs.

This premise is difficult for some to accept, but I maintain that it is the only explanation for certain inalienable facts. Primus, our study of paleontology has confirmed that humans, in their present form, have existed for over one million years in Arcanum. Second, both the tissues of a pure-blooded human and the most ancient fossilized remains of our race display no characteristic mystical vibration, which indicates that our species is not inherently magickal. Nonetheless, despite the complete absence of any inherent and universal magickal quality in the human race, humans are always able to produce fertile hybrids with three other completely disparate species, none of which are able to reproduce with one another: these being the elves, orcs and ogres. When you combine this with the geological dates we associate with the first appearance of all three subspecies in question - dates which fall long after the first true humans appeared - it becomes clear that humans are the precursor from which many other races were created, by the process known as Supernatural Selection. Elves, giants and orcs were all deliberately manufactured from human stock, by magickal workings!

The basic human ranges from 60 to 75 inches or 175 centimeters in height, and weighs between six hundred and twelve hundred stone. The average length of a human life is some 80 years, although some members of the race may live to be 100 if they are very fortunate; any longer span of life must be achieved by magick. Despite the lack of an inherently magickal nature, humans are sometimes able to master the Art and achieve some small success in spellcraft. On the other hand, the high native intelligence and great curiosity of humans grants them a most wonderful gift for applying Natural Law, and humans develop and control more Technology than any other people known.

The character of the human race is varied and diverse. Humans tend to form groups based on the immediate family, and show great affection for their mates and children. They are by far the most numerous of all the races of Arcanum, and can be found everywhere, living in all lands and climes. Humans pursue every imaginable occupation; human stubbornness is such that they will not allow themselves to be barred from any place or profession, no matter how they must bend to adapt themselves to it. They also seem to lack any inborn prejudices, save for a violent and unreasonable hatred of orcs, whom they find loathsome on sheer instinct. Most humans also exhibit a vivid fear and hatred of ogres, it is true…but in justice, the same fear and hatred probably extends to any being which considers human flesh a delicacy.

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