Letter to the Editor

Half-Orc Thuggery


Seeing that several others have recently written your paper after suffering at the hands of half-orcish street robbers, I think it right to make my case also known. About three weeks ago, in passing through the Portman's Square, within a mere two minutes' walk of my own house, I was suddenly seized round the throat by one of these villains. Before I could cry out or struggle I immediately received three blows in the face from another, which so cut and injured my nose that it bled considerably for some time. I have suffered much from the great pressure on my throat, and bear the marks on my face of the violence to this day.

I regret to say the scoundrels got clear away with my gold watch and chain. The incident prompts me in asking once more the Eternal Question: why are these abominations permitted to live, much less to walk the streets of a civilized city? It has been proven time and time again that the orcish tribes cannot be tamed, nor can their offspring be taught to co-exist with more elevated races. When will the authorities do what must be done? When will they finally round up this vile legion of unclean, vicious, miscegenous trash that litters our streets, and rid Tarant of them permanently?

Trusting your insertion of this letter will be the means of drawing the attention of the police authorities to this dangerous system of robbery, and of warning other gentle folk to look to their safety from orcs, even in respectable parts of the city.

I remain, sir, yours very respectfully,

71, Upper Berkeley-street, Portman's Square